Frequently asked questions

How to use LightTrac ?

Use LightTrac anytime before you go on a photoshoot to determine at what elevation and direction the Sun or Moon will shine at your target spot at any time.
Notice that there three colored lines displayed on top of the map. These lines plots the angle of Sun or Moon at a particular time of day. The yellow line plots the angle of sun at sunrise (or moon at moonrise), the blue line plots the angle of sun at sunset (or moon at moonset) and the red line plots the angle of sun/moon at any chosen time.

Use the time slider on the bottom to change the time of day and notice the red line changes to reflect the direction of sun/moon at that time. And as you move the time slider, the values for elevation and angle also changes. Use both these values to determine the best time of day and the desired location to carry your photoshoot.

How can I add new locations ?

On the iPad: Just drag the map to any spot you want and touch the Save this spot button.

On the iPhone: You can add new locations in two ways. If you know the address, use search to locate an address or a city or a zipcode and then you will be able to save your location or you could simply drag the map on home view to any location and tap the save icon . Here the center of the map is saved as your location. There is no need for dropping a pin, just drag the map to where you want it to be and save it. Its that simple!

How do I get rid of the compass interference screen ?

The compass calibration interface shows up automatically whenever an interference is detected by your device (It is not controlled by the app). When you see this, move your device away from any metal/magnetic surfaces including laptops and other electronic devices and do the calibration once. After the calibration, the interference window shouldn't prompt again as long as you keep away from metal surfaces. If this still doesn't help, try the following. LightTrac activates the compass only when the selected location is "Current Location", so just save your current location spot under a different name and use it. The compass should not be activated in this case.

What features require internet connection to work ?

  • Search and saving new locations

  • Exporting locations

  • Loading new map tile images

Can you add a feature to save the map ?

Unfortunately, Google Maps terms and conditions do not allow us to save the map to your device. However you can save a screenshot of the screen and email it to yourself. See next answer for details.

How do I take a screenshot of LightTrac ?

Press and hold the power button (on the top) and the home button (on the bottom) and hold it for a couple of seconds. The screen will flash and the screen is then saved as an image to your photo album. You can then email this image from within the photo album.

Can I use an address from my contacts instead of searching ?

Yes. With version 2.0 or above you can select the bookmark icon next to the search bar to look up an address from your contacts. Note: On the iPhone, you must save the location you lookup from contacts before you will be able to use it.

How do I share my saved locations with my friends ?

The list of locations you save within LightTrac can be easily exported and be emailed to you or others. Use the Export button under Locations to do so. The Export to Email option also attaches a kml file to the email which can then be viewed from other applications such as Google Earth.

Can I change the display of time to 24 hour time ?

Yes, to change the time format to 24hr format, exit the app and launch Settings app from the home screen. From the settings app, you can set the application settings for LightTrac to use 24hr time format.

Should I upgrade from v1.x to v2.0 ?

Yes. Version 1.x of LightTrac is currently discontinued, after it was removed from sale in August 2010. In order to receive future updates and bug fixes, please upgrade to version 2.0

I have a new feature request or want to report a bug.

We love hearing from you. Send us an email or use the feedback link from within the app.